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Bored, so it's meme-time, via khalinche:

Ask me any questions you'd like. Leave one or two in comments, and when there are 16 I will answer them all, unless I think they're cheeky and don't want to answer them, in which case I will tell you to sod off. I'll enable anonymous commenting so you can hide behind it if you want. So:

1. Ask me a question (or two or three)
2. Once there are 16 questions I will answer them all
3. You then have 16 statements from me which you might not have otherwise had.
4. Pass it on if you want.

All clear? Ask away then.


As those of you who keep eager tabs on my Facebook status will know, I just unearthed my typewriter from the attic. I've had it for at least 15 years, and I doubt very much that it was new when I got it. It's certainly spent at least five of those in the loft. It's missing a couple of keys, G and N. I wrote English assignments on it, probably attempts at a paperback too, puncturing the paper in places. It's as well the P key is still attached.

The thing I'd forgotten was the smell of it. It's a slightly wooden, slightly fabric smell, from the wooden/fabric case (presumably) and it smells of newsrooms and of comedy and of literature. If I could have typed this on it without having to retype it, I would have done. I'm excited to do more writing with it.
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Shocking news from Auntie: Britain would not have been able to cope with a nuclear holocaust. Every metropolis in the country obliterated, presumably the remainder under radioactive dust, and the reliable fallback fades out as 'Never mind, love, have a cup of... oh."

In other news, it's 2am, I'm exhausted and I can't sleep, partly because I'm trying to do so on sofa cushions chez my mum. Any ideas?
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A blind watchmaker

You can see this as a demonstration either of the power of evolution, or of genetic algorithms. My only quibble is that 'how well the clocks can tell the time' isn't very well defined.


CSI: Bozeman

The Bozeman Police Department reports for Tuesday included the following:

- A man at a bar on East Main Street hit another man with a pool stick.

- Two Bozeman High School students were warned for swearing in the hall.

- A person on West Beall Street reported that people were possibly smoking marijuana. They were smoking tobacco.

(BPD report ends).